Liz Thach MW

Dr. Liz Thach, MW

This blog is about my trips to various wine regions around the world.  I mainly keep this blog so I won’t forget some of the amazing wines, food, and people I meet when visiting the many magical wine regions of the world. Along the way, someone suggested that I share these observations on a blog, which could be useful to others.

However, I only update it after I return from a wine trip, so it may go through long periods with no activity.  My apologies for this, but despite this short-coming, perhaps there may be some information that is useful for others. I usually include description of wineries, favorite wines tasted, some driving directions, and often restaurant and hotel information.

I began this blog in 2008 when visiting wineries in Australia, and as the years have passed, I started adding more detail on viticulture and winemaking methods.  Some people have told me that this level of detail is boring, but since I find it fascinating, and this is my blog, I’ve decided to include it.

This is Version 2.0 of this blog, having migrated from a previous platform. However I have included the links in the menu from older posts, and have republished some of the more popular ones here. I welcome feedback, and am hopeful that all of you who love wine and travel like me will find some useful stories here.

Salute!  Liz Thach, MW